I think it means that if I build a baseball field out there that Shoeless Joe Jackson will get to come back and play ball again.  -Ray Kinsella

Movie trivia

:: The shot of the line-drive knocking over the bag of baseballs next to Kevin Costner was sheer luck off the bat of Ray Liotta.

:: Tom Hanks was originally offered the role of Ray Kinsella but turned it down.

:: After the movie was completed, test audiences didn't like the name "Shoeless" Joe Jackson because they said it sounded like a movie about a bum or hobo. Universal called director-screenwriter Phil Alden Robinson to tell him that "Shoeless Joe" didn't work, and the studio changed the title of the film to Field of Dreams.

:: When Robinson heard the news of the change, he called W.P. Kinsella, the author of the book, and told him the bad news, but apparently he didn't care, saying that Shoeless Joe was the title the publishing company gave the book. Kinsella's original title was Dream Field.

:: Burt Lancaster was unaware that Timothy Busfield was part of the cast, and had him fetching water and chairs before realizing Busfield was going to be in the scene with him.

:: The movie's line If you build it, he will come was voted as the #39 movie quote by the American Film Institute (out of 100).

:: Field of Dreams was nominated for 3 Oscards in 1989: James Horner for Best Music, Original Score, Lawrence and Charles Gordon for Best Picture, and Phil Alden Robinson for Best Writing, Screenplay based on material from another medium.

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